Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Fun and Gift Ideas

We just went to the Texas coast
for the fist trip of the summer season.
We like to go to Rockport several times every summer,
not just because my parents,
Lala and Pops, live there,
but also because they have
the perfect bay beach for little ones.
No beach trip is made around here without
our hooded towels.
Mike is now 8, Adelyn is 5 and Molly is 19 months...
All three still love their towels!
Recently I was inspired to design
 a few new towels for friends...
Check out this one for my Lego lovers!
This is the perfect gift for the kid
 who has too many Legos,
but still wants Lego stuff for their birthday.
Yes, I speak from experience here!
I am so in love with this classy,
yet adorable Barbie inspired towel.
The bow embellishment really adds a special detail!
Have a little super hero on you gift list?
ME too... several.
Bigs and littles!!
Here is one I made for a tween...
you know those hard to please kids!
Well, this Harry Potter inspired towel was a hit!
She even let her mom share it on Face Book!
I saved the best for last...
our Mermaid towel.
My favorite part about this one,
well aside from the bow embellishment,
is that I can make her hair any color!
Yup, working on a little redhead next!
We just love these towels and take them to
the water park, swim lessons,
and they are even the first towel
my kids go to after a bath.

A special shout out to my models...
Adelyn was nervous about modeling the "boy towel"
for my Etsy photos...
I assured her I wouldn't show her face
 on the shop photos...
but this is the blog!
(wink, wink)
Come on by my Etsy shop and see what all the other unique gifts
I have for your favorite little people!

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