Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scripture Chalkboard

For a long time I have had an odd,
 open space near our back door.
I knew I wanted something
personal and purposeful to fill it...
Then my sister posted on FaceBook that she
 had received some old cabinet doors...
She used two to make chalkboards
and I just knew one would be perfect in this space.
This chalk paint came from Walmart...
yup, Walmart!
And this very affordable chalkboard paint
 came from Hobby Lobby.
It took several coats...
which around this house
 meant several days to finish!
Did you know if you press
 wet paint brushes in a baggie,
they will keep for days without
drying out?
Yup, it works!
This adorable arrow sign
was also a great find at Hobby Lobby.
I do wish it pointed to our backyard,
as that truly is our "happy place"
but pointing to the kitchen works too, right?
We are using our chalk board to write out scriptures.
I just love it!
The kids are really into watching the scripture change!
Here is a list of scriptures we will
be working on this summer...
So one project on my
"To- Finish" list is done!
On to the next...

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