Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome Summer Fun!

For the past three years I have put together
 these Summer Fun Buckets for my kids.
I set them out on our breakfast table
for the first "true" day of summer vacation!
You know, the Monday it really starts,
not the Saturday!
What a big hit these are!
Not only are kids thrilled,
but mama is pretty strategic about
 what goes in them because
 it is my summer, too!
And I love the LAZY days of summer!
So What do I put them in them...
*guilty pleasure breakfasts like PopTarts
or the sugary cereal they always beg me for!
Something the can fix themselves while I sleep in!
*Water balloons for our big neighborhood war
*New Crayons and markers
*Simple water toys from the dollar store
*Flip flops and sunglasses also from the dollar store
*Goggles and swim shoes.
Things I would buy even if we did not to the buckets.
*A note book or coloring book
*A guilty pleasure snack (or two)
*A new board game (not in the bucket, but one to share)
and a book or two!
New for this summer is going to be a chore chart!!
Bahaha!  I can't wait!
Like I said, it's my summer, too!
Now that these kiddos are a year older
 we will be adding a few chores to earn screen time!
Brilliant, right?
The first ones are from Bekah at Pinch A Little Save A Lot
This edit-able one is from Southern Melle!
I really like the idea of adding
scripture and manners to the chart!
I will be posting an update on our Summer Chore System
as soon as we nail one down!
I know I sound like the kids...
Mainly the LAZY part,
but the sun and fun too!

Let's go make something,


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