Monday, January 19, 2015

We Are Back!!

Happy New Year!
I am sure some of you have been
wondering where in heck I went.
Well, let me tell you...
Yes, we went for #3!
You can call her Mommy's Bright Idea!
Although she was very much planned,
the extreme morning sickness I suffered for 28 weeks was not!
So that is why I was forced to take a sudden bloggy break.

So here she is... meet our #3!
Molly Ann
Oh wait, you did the math, huh?
Yes, the bloggy break was much more than 9 months!

As a matter of fact she is 14 months...
and no matter how experienced and prepared we were,
going from 2 to 3 was VERY hard for us!
and unfortunately,  I could hardly keep up with laundry,
 much less start blogging again.
and although, my hands are still full...
as you can see,
I am thrilled to give blogging a go again.

Clearly, I can't make any promises and
I have learned to let go of setting my plans in stone,
and my family will remain my full time job,
but I am SO thrilled to be back!

Thanks for sticking with me...
and I hope you like seeing these faces and
 continue to stop by and check us out!


  1. Welcome back and congratulations!! Three is a magical number, mine are 16,13 and 11 and I still find it hard to get a moment to myself. I blog once in a blue moon but I have always enjoyed reading yours. Love and hugs from Australia, Louisa

    1. Thanks so much Louisa... your support made my day!!


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