Monday, January 21, 2013

A Delightful Start...

 Our One Little Word for 2013 is...
After a very busy 2012 settling into our new house, 
our new town, our new church,
and  life with a school age kiddo...
This year we hope to DELIGHT in our settled little life!

I have always enjoyed the sound of the word DELIGHT.
My favorite scripture has word DELIGHT in it as well.

I have already started building DELIGHTFUL pictures and memories for us.
It's pretty easy with these two... they are living breathing joy.
On a recent cold day Adam took the kids for a walk... 
it took us several minutes to bundle them up and 
Addy had to wear socks because
 she has lost two pairs of mittens already this winter.
They were just so cute and happy 
and tacky and DELIGHTFUL 
I had to take a picture!

Also, this month we lost Adam's grandfather.  
This was once again a perfect reminder at how short life is; 
even if you do get to live to see your great grandchildren, 
it is still too short!
Another DELIGHTFUL lesson, 
was being away from Adam for three nights while he 
went to be with his family in Florida. 
 I am reminded what a DELIGHT it is when
 his feet are in the place as mine!

I think this will be a beautiful lesson for my family...
We are looking forward to a truly DELIGHTFUL year!


  1. Awesome! Seems like the perfect word for your year! Love the pic of you and Adam's feet on the same ground. For you two, that is especially meaningful considering your beginnings!

  2. Exciting! A brand new year! I am sure you will delight us all with your tales too!

  3. I'm delightfully amazed to have checked in after a long absence and see that Addy is so grown up!! and Mike is handsome and tall in K?!?!?! Where does the time go! Happy DelightFULL New Year!

  4. love it! love you!
    hugs!aunt h


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