Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoo Camp

We have been filling our summer days with
lots and lots of fun and adventure!
Last week we had Zoo Camp at the San Antonio Zoo.
We are members of the zoo, so we were able to
 register for the four day camp for just $25 a person!
And since I knew Addy would pass as a 3 year old
and it went up to age 5, I was excited, that for the first time,
 my kids could do something together! 
Our Camp was the African Safari session... right up oour alley!
 The class started with putting on your listening ears...
perfect for Mike's kindergarten readiness...
and something Addy needs lots of practice with!
 Then we would have a lesson...
a book, a song, movement, and lots of visuals...
This made my, early childhood teacher's heart thump!!
There was always a cool artifact to hold and touch...
Adelyn did not want to pass the Ostrich feather.
 Here she is holding a Rhino horn... so cool!
 Mike was thrilled with the skulls and bones!

There was also always a new animal to hold and touch...
 Here is the hissing cock roach...
and yes, it hisses... loud!

I was so impressed with my kids' bravery! 
Mike even held a centipede!
But, that was on the day daddy took them
and forgot our camera (sigh)
 This armadillo was pretty funny.
Her name is Rita and
she is much smaller (and prettier)
 than our old Texas ones!
 This kids loved her because she would pop out and scare them,
they would jump and squeal,
so she would go back inside and do it again!

Then we did a craft... everyday!... Adelyn's favorite part!
 After that we went to visit a few animals up close...
this was my favorite part because we learned so much!
 We were even one of the first to see the new baby Warthog!
She was eight days old and cute as a Warthog can be!
I know most zoos offer classes and camps and even a year of zoo school.
So if you were ever wondering if it is worth it...
YES!  We even drove in 45 minutes every morning to be there
and it was a wonderful experience and memories well made!!
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  1. Looks like they had great fun. Can't believe Michael held a creature. So glad that they got to go together. XOXO

  2. Yay!! Looks GREAT! I want to meet Rita - she rocks! And that warthog is adorable. Relatively speaking of course.

  3. How great to get a real teacher (certified or not!) for the camp and such a positive experience with all the new stuff! Congrats to the junior zoologists!

  4. What a cool experience! And I think the orange shirts are perfect for your adorable little red heads!


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