Friday, June 8, 2012

Adelyn finally was able to start soccer!!
After years of sitting on the sidelines it is now her turn...
She was very excited to play and couldn't wait
 to get her soccer shoes....umm... shoes? 
 She is just in a little drill and practice class
and they do not wear soccer shoes...
no worries I fixed it before you could say "terrible twos"
 I found these pink tennis shoes and added soccer bows.
  She loved them! 
 I also made this soccer bow because I couldn't resist!
 It is in a big gym (yay, for indoors!) so it is hard to get good pictures...
but trust me she is in heaven when she gets to play. 
 She talks about it all week! 
One of her best friends is in class with her.
Oh, and her bows are off her shoes,

Mike is in a class to... his skills are really coming along...
at the end of last season his stats were... 
3 goals for us, 
2 goals for the other team,
and one unofficial goal after the whistle blew,
but he scored anyway and
then celebrated while all the parents laughed and cheered!
The class we take is through Soccer Tots...
 they have these programs all over the country
 and I highly recommend them.
  Perfect for beginners! 
 They start at 18mths!! 
They have other sports, too. 
 I hope to Mike into their Golf Tot classes soon! 
Check 'em out! HERE
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  1. I love Addy's soccer shoes! I'm a big lover of soccer (I've played since kinder.), of course not anymore. LOL!But glad your kiddos are getting to develop that same love.

  2. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. Nike Free Sko


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