Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest = Love

With all my Etsy shop orders to be filled...
 a mom has to keep her kiddos busy!
Thank you PINTEREST for making this so fun and easy!

I saw this great pin HERE... I cant trace to a site or bog.
And we brought it life the other day... what a "hit"...
I would even say a "home run,
as the kids played and played with our version!
 After raiding our recycle bin,
Mike and I layed out the roads with blue painters tape.
 We used a small box for the garage....
 and a couple of more for a bridge...
 and a tunnel!
 Adelyn wanted to add Lala and Pops' house...
which was far away onto the couch
and Mike wanted a grocery store.
Mike even had the great idea of adding
 a part of his matchbox track...
The City! 

What an easy, fun, and green idea!
Thanks, Pinterest!
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  1. That does look like fun! And it doesn't even require clothes! ;)

  2. Love those awesome Pinterest finds that make your life easier!

  3. what a great idea! LaLa


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