Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keepin' Them Busy

We have had the oddest weather down here in Texas this month.
One minute I am making soup and hot chocolate, then the next I am checking out flowers to plant in the yard or buying flip flops on line... Needless to say we have been battling spring fever pretty bad.
So one morning it was cold and yucky so we painted marshmallows... ha, yup you read that right!
 Addy has a system that went something like this...
paint a spot... then bite it off... paint a spot... then bite it off!
 Mike a but more into it...  but kept waiting something big to happen.
He just kept asking "now what?" 
I have a sinking feeling all the mommy magic of my little ideas is quickly fading.
Later, it cleared up and the kids had a picnic in the backyard...
darn this Texas weather!
**Oh, I forgot to mention how to paint the marshmallows... it is just water and food coloring!
It works great on white bread, then toast it OR
on canned biscuits the bake them like the package says!

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