Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Little Word 2012

It is that time of year again... time to pick my OLW.
Last year my word was FAITH and the year before that it was FAMILY.
This year my little word is not so little and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Hold on because it might surprise you...
 I know, I know the first thing you think of is "Never settle for less than you deserve"or
that 'settleing' is lowering expectations, boring, lazy, not learning or growing...
But we are thinking more like this... 
We are thinking settle means...
to put in order... to make make calm... to establish residence..
to decide... to rest... to form a community.

The bible tells us...
This really speaks to me... we have worked so hard to "build our house"  Between Adam's deployment, the death of my Nana and his dad, our miscarriages, our moves, all of the ups and downs we have survived... it is time to slow down and reap what we have sown!
Don't get me wrong... I would love a new camera or mini van. I beat myself up over my weight and my perpetual mountain of laundry. My undone and always growing 'to-do list' makes me fell inadequate everyday....every. flippin'. day. I do not have enough time to sew and craft.  And would you believe we have never been on a plane together?! 
 The list of expectations and dreams still live on,
but it just is not going to haunt me in 2012!
I am enough.
I have enough.
It is time to let the dust settle and life see clearly.

I am no longer going to focus of being more than I am,
wanting more than I have,
or striving for any sort of perfection.
What?  Ouch!
It sounds so good, but it is not me...
I am a classic Capricorn, oldest child, over achiever, people pleaser,
after all I am my mother's daughter and it took her along to figure this out!
I made myself this cute little tag and all the quotes above
to help me remember to settle in and settle down.

So what will you OLW be, eh?
Visit Alie Edward's blog to be inspired!

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  1. As you & I talked at Christmas this is a great word. I love the way you discibed it above.
    I was talking to Lynn about your word of the year & she also like the idea. I am still searching for my word. I will let you know when it comes to me. XOXOXO LaLa

  2. First of all, love the tags! Beautiful! And great description of your word. I agree! You and Adam have worked so hard to make a home/family, now it's time to reap what you've sown. And you are more than enough! I need to work on this myself. Right now my word is presence. But I might change my mind. :)

  3. Perfect post. Maybe my favorite of yours. OLW for me... ??? I should come up with one. Yours is perfectly perfect. Settle in.

  4. I was waiting for your OLW and I tried to guess about what it might be. "Settle" didn't cross my mind! But as I read your thoughts and the sayings about it I understand, like I mean... I totally GET IT! And I agree... I need to settle too! Thank you for your constant inspiration!


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