Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy Made Halloween Games

Shhh... look at this!
My four year old (boy!) and
my almost 2 year old girl are
engaged and busy!
What are they working on you ask...
just a few fun games mama made them! Adelyn is working on some
batty color matching. She is really into games these days... I am not sure if it a girl thing or a 2nd child thing, but she is way more into "mama's ideas" than Mike was or is-lol. To make the game pieces I modge podged a colored circle to the glass rocks. I also made the same game in number matching for Mike and for those piece I just wrote the numbers on top with a sharpie! I had these bats from my teaching days, but how easy would it be to trace one on to black card stock...
Mike is having a blast working on a project I started last year...
Halloween Paper Dolls!
This fantastic magnetic zinc board
came from the Gibson Girls.
We are super loving this thing!
Psst... they are only $12!
and less than $2 to ship!
(tell them I sent you!)
Here are the dolls!
Punch 'em out,
laminate or contact paper 'em,
slap a stickey magnet on the back,
and play away!
Lastly, I wanted to give my honey a shout out!
He has been converting
all of our mini Sony HandiCam disks to DVD!!
Every night this week
we have made a pot of "poppy corn"
and watched home movies!
We laugh and I cry...
aww, my babies are so big!!

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  1. way to go Adam! can't wait to watch them & eat popcorn. I SMELL POPCORN!!!!! LaLa


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