Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

Our playgroup had a "Bug Day"... it was one of our favorite playdates yet! The spring weather was just beautiful for bug hunting, rock throwing, and a picnic. Mike started his hunt strong... we found rolly pollies and one little slithery bug, but then just threw rocks in the pond.
Addy, well she explored and watched...
Lost a shoe and tried sneaking other kids lunch boxes... she found exactly ZERO bugs, one shoe, and three lunches.
The mommy who hosted the playdate made "Worms in the Mud" for snack. It was pretty cute when a few kiddos didn't want to try it...
Not mine of course we eat anything and everything!
We love bugs around here... Mike started this craze last summer and I can tell we are not done with it! This was such a fun idea for a playdate and right now in Target's Dollar Spot they have bug boxes, plastic bugs, and lots of bug books!
Ps. Thanks, Anita, for sharing the pictures!

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