Monday, February 21, 2011

It is Rodeo Time, Ya'll!

We headed out to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo this weekend... even though it was raining!
Grandma bought Mike a 'real' cowboy hat!
We saw lots of animals.... and even more exciting for Mike... lots of animal poop!
Adelyn enjoyed her first taste of fair food!
Yup, chicks poop!
So, do the cows!
Adelyn was not real sure about any of the animals, she pretty much wanted to people watch and walk... well, run around!
Mike got to meet a cow up close and personal... pretty fitting the cow's name was Red!
By far the the highlight was the horse ride... we have watched the video four times this morning already!
Ya, like I said Addy enjoyed the fair food! She was very sure about the jumbo corn dog!
Grandma took Mike on his first roller coaster ride... silly boy thought it was train at first... a cool train, but he really enjoyed it!
We rode the flying/ spinning planes! It is so wonderful getting to do these silly little rides with your kids for the first time. Mike was yelling and laughing and I too, felt like I was flying.
Dad wanted to do the Bumper Cars with him, but Mike was still too short... so he got a train ride after all! All this fun made for a very lazy Sunday!

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