Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SanAntonio Zoo... not too shabby

So, after living in Fort Worth and visiting San Diego... I admit, I am a bit of a zoo snob. I was really dragging my feet on visiting the San Antonio Zoo for fear it would be, yet another let down compared to dear old Fort Worth. But, since I got a fantastic groupon deal for the family pass and it was beautiful day and Adelyn has never been... we headed to the San Antonio Zoo and boy, was it a pleasant surprise!
The friendly greeter gave us a map and suggest the perfect rout for out family- loved that! Plus, he had a few UT jokes, so double clap!
Soon I saw my favorite all time ever animal... the grizzly bear... Fort Worth did not have a grizzly!
Then we met Verdi! and he was extra friendly- cool!
Pause for pictures...
I am looking forward to the day when both kids will look at the camera at the same time!
They just got a new elephant and since we are big elephant fans at the Fey house- we again were happy!
And a petting zoo... with brushes! One might think Adelyn would be scared of goats, eh? Nope, it was the goats who were afraid... very afraid of her.
But they sure liked, Mikey! He took grooming them very serious... Aunt Kelly would be proud!
One of my favorite things about this zoo was that they had little educational demos every where...one with fossils, one with bones, and this one with a bear pelt and real turtle shells. I did not get pics of the toddler/ kiddie area, but was loaded with hands on things to do... a vet play center, a rocking dock, a camp ground, and a big grassy hill all fenced in so mommy and daddy could rest without worry.
And the train ride was the best ever! It was long, had two cool bridges, a tunnel, and it had different stops at the museums in the area. SOLD! I love this place!
Clearly they did, too! Please note, Mike's hand still inside his cheeto bag- that says it all! Below is a funny video of Mike looking for sharks!

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