Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Pictures

Two weeks ago we had our family photos taken. We drove out to a historical park in Pflugerville, Texas and met Kari from Brown Eyed Girl Photography. I could not be happier with our photos! I tried to narrow down the ones to post, but it was hard. My two best friends and...
the whole reason I was born is sitting on this porch.
No she can't be any cutier and no the bow can't be any bigger!
When I was pregnant with Mike, I prayed and prayed he would look like his daddy... and boy, does he. This one really captures everything Mike is to me.
Really? How did this beautiful thing come from me?
Mike picked this spot himself... cheese!
My mom lent me my great grandmother's chair- love it!
This one is so Addy... flying red hair, deep eyes, and that new toothy grin!
Where are the animals, guys?
My boys, my joys!
If this one does not capture us as a family, I don't think any picture ever will!
This one makes us laugh... she was so hard to manage. At this point she took off down a hill... now bow- no shoes-no turning back!
That's my girl!
This one is my favorite!
Mike found some berries...
and wanted me to eat them!
The last time we had professional pictures of the two of us was on our wedding day.
I sure love this guy!

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