Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Owl Party

This weekend we celebrated Adelyn's very first birthday! We had it at her favorite park and all of her family came in to see her on her big day. Since this is the one and only year mommy gets to pick the colors and theme... I went for OWLS!
Here is the birthday girl in her mommy made onesie. She is wondering why everyone is at her park. I also made myself a birthday shirt... cheesy but I thought it would be fun to pull it out every few years!
The banner was my favorite decoration to make and display. It really was very easy and cheap, but looks like a million bucks!
The birthday table... even though we were outside I put in a lot of effort to make it seem like it was her special place.
I found this magnetic display board for $10 at good ole HEB! It is always fun to see how much she has changed in just one year.
We did flowers, my mom's vintage owl cookie jars, and the stuffed owl party favors for centerpieces.
Look at these plates! At part express they have a whole line for first birthday owl stuff... I only got the balloons and desert plates to save some money.
Are these cute or what... saw a bakery on line making these and had to try it!
I made fall cookies and treat for the adults.
Here is a better shot of the stuffed owls I made.
I only had to make six and was really happy at how much the kids loved them. Adelyn could not take her hands off her on the days leading up to the party... so they were worth every stitch!
My mom made this big owl for Adelyn, too... so cute! And how nice it will be for her to have something handmade by her Lala to keep forever!
This is why Addy loves this park... the playscapes and paths are padded and they have a toddler area perfect for the little ones. It reminds me so much of gymboree.
All the cousins had fun at the playground.
Ryan, who is just a few weeks older than Addy, especially had fun with the freedom of walking all over the place!
Mike and Jolene were on the hunt for bugs and had a quick science lessons from my cousin Michelle who is a science coach in Houston... funny how we teachers sneak it in when we can!
Look at the cake!! My mother in law made it to match the invites... it was not only perfect to look at, it was pumpkin on the inside... yum!
We got Addy a jumbo cupcake at the local cupcake shop.
Her favorite part of the whole day was everyone singing Happy Birthday. She liked it so much we sang it twice!
Our baby girl is so big!
Presents! Adelyn was not very interested in these at the park, but the cousins sure were. She got such nice thoughtful gifts and has really enjoyed them these past few days. I will have to do a fashion show post of all her cute pjs and trendy outfits.
She really liked this card from grandma... why you ask... it has a mirror in it! So cute!
We sure had lots of fun celebrating Addy's birthday. It really has been bitter sweet for me... I would live the whole first year over again if I could!
PS. I am posting details on some of the handmade paper decorations on my scrap blog and more family pics on facebook!

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