Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year = A New Start

Would you believe I have not worked on our family scrapbooks since March of last year? I blame the sewing machine, the closing of my scrapbook store, and once again pregnancy! BUT... I am really motivated... nothing like the birth of a child to get a mom back into the swing of recording memories and snapping pictures! My goal first to to organize myself so that if I get an hour or just 15 minutes my time will be well spent. I will share some of my organization ideas in a later post... it will be nice to share ideas with all my scraping mommies!
I found or 2010 book at Michael's for $11.50 and already got the cover ready.
I went ahead and made the first page ,too. However, I wanted to use this photo of the four of us from Thanksgiving because it is our most current family picture and thought nobody would care that it is from 2009... I think I LOVE this picture because it is our first real family picture..... but, ha! When Adam saw it he totally called me out, so now I will just replace it when we get a new picture. Bottom line is... LOOK I SCRAP BOOKED!


  1. too cool...scrap daddy caught you! i do love that family photo though. don't worry about being behind, just jump right in and start anywhere. you make such beautiful layouts. i miss you all.
    aunt h

  2. Very cute! I think you should totally use the pic. It's adorable. Can't wait to see your organizational ideas too!

  3. You go girl--JUST DO IT!!!! I love that pic.
    I am way behind too. I think I should blame your pregencey also.
    Well my room is ready & waiting for me, maybe this weekend. I am going to start with Christmas.
    Scrap daddy is just supposed to shake his head & tell you how good it looks. Luv ya

  4. Good for you!! I am so behind! I love your book and cover by the way. I don't think it's a big deal if you use that pic.

  5. That is such an adorable picture...use it! Great job already getting back in the swing of things with scrapbooking, and Adelyn being so young! I want you to post pictures of your craft room!


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