Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year = A New Start

Would you believe I have not worked on our family scrapbooks since March of last year? I blame the sewing machine, the closing of my scrapbook store, and once again pregnancy! BUT... I am really motivated... nothing like the birth of a child to get a mom back into the swing of recording memories and snapping pictures! My goal first to to organize myself so that if I get an hour or just 15 minutes my time will be well spent. I will share some of my organization ideas in a later post... it will be nice to share ideas with all my scraping mommies!
I found or 2010 book at Michael's for $11.50 and already got the cover ready.
I went ahead and made the first page ,too. However, I wanted to use this photo of the four of us from Thanksgiving because it is our most current family picture and thought nobody would care that it is from 2009... I think I LOVE this picture because it is our first real family picture..... but, ha! When Adam saw it he totally called me out, so now I will just replace it when we get a new picture. Bottom line is... LOOK I SCRAP BOOKED!

Let's go make something,


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