Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice Day = Craft Time

So this morning the alarm goes off at 5:45... shower goes on at 5:55... Coffee pot on at 6:00... and the news goes on at 6:10 or so... I see some school districts have closed, but know all to well my district won't call an ice day until the big two do (Dallas & FW)... so poo... here we go with the morning rush... all kids dressed, feed, and in the car by 7:15... I arrive at their daycare by 7:40 and the owner says "I am surprised to see you?" "Why?" I ask with a dumb blond look on my face, I am sure. "There is no school today. They called it late."... My first reaction was "Are you kidding me?" As I look at my baby and toddler all bundled up- UGH! But then, I think, "well we are up and out... let's make it a day!" So we headed to McDonald's for breakfast, then to Micheal's for "just a few things" (at least that's what I told Adam) and home for some Mommy and Mikey craft time. I have been wanting to make this since we brought Adelyn home. Our neighborhood is pretty new and full of lawn care services, alarm companies, and people wanting to pain my curb. Why is that these people only ring the door bell just as we are laying down? Plus, with Mikey all excited and running to the door thinking it's our neighbors wanting to play, I can't really pretend we aren't home. Needless to say this went up just before the three of was took a cuddly nap!
Mike's craft was a little wooden dinosaur to color with markers ($1 @ M's). Adelyn looked on... someday she will get to craft, too!
We thought he would look better painted. Mike has the water coloring a little backwards. He wants to do paint then water and of all colors to mix, he loves putting the black with the yellow. It is a one of kind for sure!

Let's go make something,


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