Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Family Launch Pad

Before... I originally bought this as a decorative piece to display some of my dishes... but very quickly it became a functional piece. We tend to pile everything here... bills, catalogs, coupons, school notes, pens, scissors, phones, camera... you name it. Not only was it a messy eye sore... once we started having to get two kiddos off to school in the mornings it became a big source of frustration. I saw an article on having a family lunch pad and knew instantly that was the answer to this mess. After... I promise you all the paper and mess is still here... just disguised cutely now. With help for my Circut and some vinyl I turned my $2.99 bulletin board into something worth looking at. Our plan is to stick up coupons we want to use and all the little notes that used to either get lost in the piles or stuck on the fridge here. (I need to buy some tacks) Here is my organizer I re-purposed. Here is that post. These are two old file boxes someone was throwing out at school. I just painted the tags brown and added scrapbook paper. I am holding off on filling out the labels to see what really gets stashed in here. So far it is our family calendar with the kids medical folders in one and unpaid bills in the other. i fell in love with this calendar at Marshall's. It was $12.00- one of the most expensive things I have bought there-ha! Oh, I also have super cute hooks to put on the side for our aprons. I just haven't gotten that far yet!


  1. this looks great! another wonderful kristy idea.
    aunt h

  2. WOW this looks great! I don't know where you come up with this stuff & have the time. Send me what ever it is. Luv ya

  3. I hope you can keep it that way...I sure know we have a hard time around here at COASTAL CHARM! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  4. Oh how I wish I could be that organized! Love everything!


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