Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sigh, pout, and sigh again!

If only this picture were me carring boxes of Christmas stuff! This week will be no fun... cleaning out closets, packing decorations, Adelyn's 2 month shots, trying to fit into work clothes, and me turning 35! (sigh!)


  1. oh kristy - everyone turns 35 sometime! i remember when you turned 21, we went to the dog races and you couldn't get carded.
    aunt h

  2. It is always hard to come down from all of the excitement and build up. You will still have a great week though! Happy 35 on Thursday!

  3. Turning 35 is better then the alternative. And remember I have been with you every step of the way. Woe is me, is that how you are feeling?? Turn it around & make it a great
    b-day week.

  4. Yes, never fun coming down from the Christmas high. Going back to work already? YUK! Now comes the countdown to Spring break ;)

    Happy, happy birthday coming up. Funny cause I picture you a pieces like me.

  5. Happy birthday, Kristi! I have always hated the time after Christmas - it's so much build up and then - boom - it's done. You're left with mess, mess, mess and not much to look forward to. Hope you have a good week and a fabulous birthday - and 2 kids to celebrate with you! Exciting!

  6. I agree...it's better than the alternative. Happy 35! My sister Robin's birthday is on Thursday too. BTW, what did you get from the Vintage Pearl?


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