Monday, November 9, 2009

She is Here...

Adelyn Marie Born on October 28th at 12:12 am. Weighing in at 6 pounds and 5 ounces. Measuring 18 and 1/2 inches long. She is tiny, but still has chubby cheeks. She has a head full of red hair and the sweetest face! She breastfeeds very well and is a great sleeper for mommy. She really is our dream come true.
These pictures are more resent. She is about a week and a half already!
My favorite picture! There were lots of emotions in the operating room not only from mommy and daddy, but also our wonderful doctor who has been with us through everything! I can't get over how easy the 2nd c-section was. I was alert and felt great the whole time. Instead of sending her off to the nursery for her bath and first check up, she was brought straight back to our room, where my family was waiting. I did my recovery in the same room. She was breastfeeding with in 45 minutes of her birth and I was able to see her first bath! It was wonderful!
She was almost immediately wrapped around her daddy's finger.
The proud big brother! Mike was also in love at first sight. I was thrilled with how excited he was and that he knew exactly who she was. "My sister, baby!" He makes sure everyone has a turn holding her by announcing "My turn" or "Dada's turn"... of course Mommy's turns are shorter than everyone elses.
In all of her sonograms her hands were up by her face. She still finds a way to break her swaddle to bring them up to her face. She has such long arms and fingers... like her daddy and brother!
She is a sleeper. At first it was hard for me not wake her up every two or three hours to nurse, but now that she is back up in weight she sleeps for four hours at night... five if I let her. Boy, is that nice!
She hardly cries, but watch out when she does!
It is almost like we have always been a family of four. She completes us and fits in well to our laid back family.
I just want to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers. It was a long road, but well worth the wait!

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