Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Almost Go Time...

And we are 'almost' ready...We had planned on hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws, but after three weeks of company and a desperate need for some routine, we decided to keep it small for just the four of us. Don't worry we are planning to have both sides for Christmas.
Our Fall porch... Mike still loves his pumpkins! I had also made a beautiful grape vine garland to go over the door, but it just never got put up... maybe next Fall.
An old swag with a new look... some ribbon, leaves, a Modge Podge monogram, and my good ole gule gun!
I fell in love with these on all the blogs. Trust me they are not as easy as they look and they can be pricey, too. However, I do love how it looks on my porch!
Our pretty table all set. Mike has his turkey place mat and it looked funny with nothing in Addy's place so I set her up a plate. With no time to shop for a pretty center piece, I had to do with what we had. As long as it looks special, I am happy with it.
Thanks giving is my very favorite holiday... thanks to my Nana who went all out every year. I sure miss her, but know she will be with my little family this year watching with a big smile.
On a side note... tomorrow is my 100 post! WOW! So I thought how perfect... I will give thanks to all my readers, family, and friends with a little give away... so in between turkey and the Cowboy's game check out the blog!


  1. this looks soooo pretty.
    aunt h

  2. How in the world do you have time to do all this with a new baby? I can't even keep my house clean with my two.

  3. Glad you had a special day with just the 4 of you. Looks like you are following in your Nana's footsteps by going all out and making it special. Awesome job!

  4. You DO take Thanksgiving seriously! Love it!
    Hope you had a great great day - just the four of you.


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