Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch... otherwise known as Mike's Heaven on Earth. We are officially obsessed with Punk'ns! I know I am way behind on posts... I will once again blame pregnancy. I can for two more days anyways!
Last weekend we drove out to Flower Mound for this wonderful Pumpkin Patch. Everything is free... well, not the pumpkins, but the activities are. It is just a super fun place and so big it takes a full morning to explore it all.
This picture makes us laugh because Mike was so overwhelmed with his love for pumpkins. He found his "best one!"
And then wanted them all in the wagon.
He really enjoyed the hay maze and although I think he is the smartest kid in the world, I was pretty impressed with his ability to find the way out all by himself.
So this was just as we were about to leave. Our meltdown started because I wanted a picture with him, then he saw the kettle corn. We had plans for lunch and no cash, so we were not getting "corn". Mike began to cry, then pulled the fall on the ground move... so being the great parents we are Adam and I walked away. We were about 10 feet away when a family stumbled upon "this poor lost child bawling his eyes out because he was lost"... I was so embarrassed and explained that he was not lost, he just wanted some popcorn! I tell ya, the Fey's will get The Parent's of The Year Award for sure now!

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