Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween fun!

I wanted to post some of this last week, but just never found the time or energy. So I schedualed this post Monday for today... I am a little busy today! We should be home Saturday, just in time to dress Mike up for Trick or Treating... This frame was $1 at Walmart. I added some vinyl polka dots, ribbon, and stickers... now to add a picture!
I did not do too much decorating, but did make a center piece for the table with stuff I had from last year.
Opps- this picture posted upside down- pregnancy brain again! These were my Thank You gifts for my shower. Pumpkin biscotti with a tag that said "Thank you from our little pumpkin!"
The whole family made these pumpkin cookies. I wish I would have grabbed the camera so you could see Mike again obsessing over the pumpkins!
I did make Mike a Halloween pillowcase. He loves it. If I would have know how much he would love pumpkins I would have done a pumpkin pillow case... maybe next year!
Lastly, I added some fabric to an old tin bucket for our Halloween books. This way I can change it out for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Let's go make something,


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