Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome To McKinney Land

This weekend we took our last summer road trip to Austin to visit my sister's family; The McKinneys. We call their house McKinney Land because it is the closest thing to Disneyland that Mike knows. Not only is the house full of toys we don't have, movies on a huge t.v., a fish tank with real live fish, doughnut holes for breakfast, and a drawer in the fridge devoted to Capri Suns... they also have... Three wheeler rides before breakfast. Mike's super fun older cousin, Reese who is about to be four. A cousin Mike's size, Rhiannon (1 1/2). A trampoline!! And as if that wasn't enough fun all by it's self, Uncle Matt hooked up the sprinkler to the top of the netting.... woo! hoo!
It just doesn't get any more fun!
Mike also went for his first dip into an Austin favorite, Barton Springs, just after a train ride through Zilker Park. It wasn't just fun for the kids... Adam and I got a date night where we went to Bucas and got to sit in the kitchen. Perfect for us foodies! Too bad I forgot the camera. What a great way to end our summer!


  1. Yea! Fun! Your sister should sell tickets to McKinnley Land!

  2. Wow!! What a fun place! I love Barton Springs too. Glad you got a date definitely need those special quiet times with just the 2 of you (well 3 if you include Adelyn).:)

  3. Ha! and she was with us in full mode, too. She went crazy when I ate the Cheese Cake! She is such a little kicker... hmm does that mean she is gonna be a handful???


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