Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a Swim Date

These pretty ladies, Erin and Sophia, invited all our bloggy friends over for a swim date! Are they not the cutest two hostesses you have ever seen? Erin has lots of sweet stories and pictures on her blog The Kaminski Chronicles. She is an artist and has as many hobbies as I do... photography, scrap booking, sewing, and crochet. Unfortunately, I was too busy chasing Mike around Erin's mom's beautiful yard to take pictures of the kids in the pool! But what a wonderful pool it was. The water was cool and sparkling and there were lots of steps for the kids to hang out on. This one picture does not do the yard justice. You will just have to trust me! Erin and her sisters awarded their mom yard of the month- what a thoughtful idea!
Most of these pictures came at the end of our morning. As you can see Elizabeth and Benjamin were worn out and ready for a snack. Elizabeth just lost her first tooth and it looks like she is still getting used to the hole it left behind. You can read all about that and all of the fun places and cool things their mommy, Laura does with them on their family blog TLEB in Texas. Be sure to check out all of her birthday party posts... nobody throws a kid party like Laura!
Our last friend is Emily Rose (what a beautiful name huh?) I am so sad I did not get any better pictures of her with Mike- they were the great explorers! You can't even see Emily's big blue eyes and big smile, but as you can see Mike sure noticed them. There he goes chasing the cute girls already!
Maybe I can get a better picture from her mommy, Allison. The last picture is Mike in the garden checking out the tomatoes and hunting for Emily I'm sure!
We all had a fun time! Thanks, Erin and Sophia for a fun morning!
Ps. We missed you, Sparks girls!

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