Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pregnancy Scrapbook

Here is my "Waiting For Adelyn" Pregnancy Scrapbook. My mom made me one for Mike and passed down a journal she had kept while she was pregnant with me. It was really fun to read while I was waiting for Mike... so hopefully someday Adelyn will enjoy this while waiting for my grand babies.
This page is the first month... so it has the pregnancy test and journaling about our reaction. It was healing for me to write to her after the miscarriages and how hopeful we were and how much love and support our closest family was those first few weeks.
You can't really see it, but one of Adam's co-workers left him a note on a "Life is Good" desk calendar. It is a cartoon of a parent with a fit throwing toddler at the door of preschool saying "CLOSED" and the caption says "Life is Crap"- HA! They hand wrote in "Adam, you are having a girl!" This was weeks before we found out they were right and Adam was sure it was a boy!
This one is a sonogram picture and I need to add a pic of my belly as soon as I get it developed!
This journal is fun to keep up with- I have days of heart burn, her first kick, and all our doctors appointments listed. Don't worry I am leaving out the weight gain this time-ha!


  1. This is so sweet! I just filled in the store bought calendar.

  2. It looks so precious! You are so creative. I know Adelyn will LOVE it!


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