Monday, October 10, 2011

The Halloween Switch-o-Roo

A few weeks ago I posted about out family "launch pad" and mentioned how I hoped to be able to switch it our for different holidays. Well, guess what? I did and it really was very easy! Thank goodness for coll Halloween scrapbook paper!
Here is the new version of my weekly dry erase calendar. Again I just cut the paper to size, added stickers to mark the day of the week, and then just put then on top of the old ones! This way I will not have to worry about storing them- they will always just sit behind each other.
Here is the before and after... super simple!
In the frame that would normally hold our "family Rules" I just added some more scrapbook paper and then pictures from past Halloweens... I am still working on printing some of these. I even hope to have a few from when Adam and I were kids!
Our little shelf has more simple, child friendly decor. Trust me almost everything came for the dollar stores or Targets dollar spot!
The entry way buffet now have a spooky little face lift.
Everything sparkles! And you might notice the tin haunted house in the corner- do not worry it was not a fortune from Pottery Barn... good ole Home Goods for $14. If you have not been to a Home Goods... find the closest one and start driving!!
My cloche never looked so scary!
This little festive cluster sits on our bar. We always have a tin box here to catch all the junk... keys, coupons, sunglasses, and Adam's wallet. I changed it out this orange and black tin basket. A cheap jar tied with a scrappy tag and tulle holds the evil candy corn! And my black candle has a little piece of fabric and a scrapbook sticker. Stay tuned for a post on our new Halloween Advent calendar!! You will love it...

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